Oregon Department of Education, Amended version of second Compliance Order, March 2001



In the Matter of the Complaint Against Portland School District--Case # 582-022-1940-97-2

Amended Order

The Superintendent of Public Instruction declares the District to be conditionally standard based on the following plan of correction. Upon completion of the plan, the District will be considered standard. The District shall:

(a) provide extended professional development opportunities to assist supervisors in evaluating and implementing appropriate classroom services for gifted students.

(b) document how each building and classroom provides appropriate services including appropriate assessed levels of learning and accelerated rates of learning for identified TAG students.

(c) submit to the Department within 30 days after acceptance of the revised Findings and Order, an implementation calendar with formal evaluation procedures with corrective actions to be taken, and

(d) notify the Department by May 1, 2002, that all teachers assigned to classrooms that include academically talented and/or intellectually gifted students have been assessed on their implementation of appropriate instructional practices for academically talented and/or intellectually gifted students, including instruction matched to individual TAG students' assessed rates and levels of learning.

Oregon Department of Education staff is available for technical assistance in any of the identified areas. Corrective actions must be completed prior to the beginning of the 2002-2003 school year. The Department will conduct a follow-up visit to verify completion of the plan of correction by June 1, 2002.

Dated this 12th. day of March 2001.


[signed] C. Gregory McMurdo

Executive Legal Officer.