Letter from Oregon Department of Education to the PPS TAG parents


June 11, 2009

 Dear Mr. Murphy [our attorney]

Thank you for your recent letter regarding the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for Talented and Gifted Services at the Portland Public School (PPS) district.

We understand that your client, Margaret DeLacy, is concerned that the Oregon Department of Education has certified and cleared PPS of the existing CAP.  Attached you will find our correspondence to PPS dated May 11, 2009.  This status report communicates to PPS the requirements for the CAP as they move into the 2009-2010 school year.  You will find that there are some areas where ODE has determined that Portland Public Schools are in compliance with the CAP.  You will also see that there are other areas of the CAP that ODE will continue to monitor in the fall.

As part of our normal and standard procedures for monitoring districts in corrective action, ODE has already had communications with several PPS parents regarding the CAP.  As the monitoring procedures continue, we will welcome and illicit additional feedback from parents and other stakeholders.

After reviewing the enclosed status report, please contact me at (503)-947-5663 or by email at colleen.mileham@state.or.us if you have any additional questions or comments. 

Sincerely [signed]

Colleen Mileham, Ph.D.

Interim Assistant Superintendent

Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation