Oregon Department of Education: Findings re: Sisters School District, October 28, 2005

[Notes: These findings are public record, and are available upon request from the state. These are paraphrases  They are close to the original language, but are not exact copies of the original wording. I have omitted some parts. The names of the complainants are also public record, but I have chosen not to place them online. ]


Ted Thornstad. Superintendent

Sisters School District


Dear Superintendent Thornstad,


A complaint alleging a violation of the standards of OAR 581-022-1330, Programs and services for Talented and Gifted Students, has been properly submitted.... The Superintendent of Public Instruction has determined that the facts of the complaint, if true, would be a violation of IAR 581-022-1330, which states in pertinent subparts:


(1) Each school district shall have a written plan for programs and serives

(2) The instruction provided to identified students shall address their assessed levels of learning and accelerated rates of learning.


As of its facsimile transmittal of Tuesday, October 25, 2005, Sisters School District has submitted written information to the Superintendent consistent with OAR 581-022-1940 (4).


After reviewing Mr. Shepherd's complaint and the District's written information, the Superintendent's

initial findings are that:

1) Sisters School District did not provide a written plan that included programs and services available to Sisters School district students.

2) Sisters School District did not address the rate and level needs of a student with an Intellectual TAG identification.  No evidence was found of procedures of policies on how individual students' rate and leve needs are determined.

3) -----rate and level needs as a TAG-identified student, were not met by the assignments and enrichment options given in English...


Consistent with OAR 581-022-1940, the Superintendent grants the district a 30-day extension of time to submit any additional information or material that addresses the initial findings.  ....

[Signed} Salam A Noor, Ph.D.

Assistant Superintendent

Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation