Twelve easy things parents can do to help

 our gifted children



1.    Come out of the closet as a parent of gifted children (this is the hardest step!)


2.    Join OATAG


3.    Write your legislators, the governor and the deputy superintendent about the need for educating TAG students


4.    Let us know when you have contacted your legislators so we can follow up


5.    List your name as someone willing to call a legislator during the session


6.    Volunteer your name and contact information to your school principal as a parent willing to talk to other TAG parents


7.    Collect the names and contact information of other willing TAG parents


8.    Subscribe to or join helpful e-mail lists and online networks


9.    Host or attend an OATAG  meet-up


10. Invite other parents to participate with you


11. Write a “thank you” letter to: a teacher, administrator, school board member, or elected official for any positive step they take to support TAG students


12. Join or create a local face-to-face or online group of TAG parents