Links for Portland Parents of Talented and Gifted Children


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Crushing Tall Poppies:  a website that looks like a blog from a homeschooling parent, Celi Trépanier


Finding the Next Einstein: a blog by Jonathan Wai a researcher at Duke University on the Psychology Today website discusses research findings and ideas that touch upon multiple issues surrounding the identification and development of talent


Gifted challenges: written by Gail Post, a clinical psychologist, this includes issues relevant children and adults:


Gifted Education Perspectives: essays and comments on gifted education  by Ben Hebebrand, Head of School at Quest Academy, a leading independent gifted education school in the northwest Chicago suburbs.


Gifted Kids a selection from the Maker Mom blog by Kim Moldofsky.


Gifted Parenting Support: by L.J. Conrad, a gifted education advocate:


Hoagies Blog Hops:  Collection of blog posts on a different topic each month, assembled by the Hoagies


NAGC blogs different topics in gifted education co-published by the National Association for Gifted Children and the Fordham Institute


Unwrapping the gifted: an Education Week blog written by teacher Tamara Fisher:






Listserv and discussion gateways



(including FAQs, general information, other links and logs. For e-mail lists and subscription instructions see #7 below.)


The TAGFAM project: a webpage that provides information about the TAGFAM family of TAG e-mail listservs. Includes TAGFAM, TAGFORUM, TAGKIDS, TAGMAX, TAGPDQ and TAGTEENS. Current editor is Kathryn Finn. Also offers a way to find MonTAGe, the TAG magazine, which is recommended.


Gifted World--began as an offshoot of TAGFAM, has developed its own identity. Offers a MOO for parents to interchange information--


Our Gifted Online Conferences:  a different sort of resource, this site sponsors and logs online "conferences" with a variety of experts.  Conferences last for several days and focus on a specific topic such as college planning or twice exceptional students.  You can sign on to a current conference here or view the logs.


 Mailing list information


        Parents of PPS TAG students now have their own e-mail  listserv at 

The website for the list is: .

To subscribe durectly by email send a message to


It doesn't matter what is in the message, but I recommend putting "subscribe" in the body and subject line of the message

You will receive a message confirming your subscription.  YOU MUST REPLY to this message to complete the subscription process. 


To manage your subscription settings go to



To share your thoughts with the group, send your mail to

To unsubscribe, send a message to


A copy of the welcome message and posting guidelines is available on this site 


CPPSchools is a list for all parents of children in Portland Public Schools, provided by the Community and Parents for Public Schools of Portland. CPPS is a new organization which incorporates members of Schools for the City, Portland Citizens for Oregon Schools Education Fund, and Active Parents Network. It is a local chapter of Parents for Public Schools. This list replaces "Education-l". To subscribe, visit


Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted, OATAG also offers an e-mail "listserv" for parents and TAG teachers, staff, administrators and coordinators, through Yahoo groups. You will have to go through a somewhat cumbersome process of obtaining a "username" and "password" from Yahoo, but after that it is plain sailing. If you already have a Yahoo username and password, you can just add this group to your list.  You can also subscribe directly by e-mail by sending a message to  The message should read "subscribe" and the subject of the message should read "subscribe"

NEW!  Portland Gifted Education Examiner, a blog written by Laurie Fry


gtot-l, the mailing list for gifted tots (generally under 6 years of age). To subscribe send a mail message with "subscribe" in the subject (not the body) of the message to for a regular subscription, or send it to for a digest subscription.

TAG-L, the mailing list for Talented and Gifted education. To subscribe send a mail message with "subscribe TAG-L firstname lastname" in the body (not the subject) of the message to Note: TAG-L also has archives available.


giftednet-l, the mailing list for the National (USA) Science and Language Arts Curriculum Projects for High Ability Learners. To subscribe send a mail message with "subscribe giftednet-l your-first-name your-last-name" in the body (not the subject) of the message to Please note that the mailing list name ends in lower-case L, not numeral 1. Please also note that the William and Mary curriculum now has its own limited distribution list (WMCURRIC-L).


#gtchat A Twitter discussion Enter #gtchat into the subject search box ( and then save that search. You’ll see a stream of all the tweets relating to #gtchat.


TAGFAM, the mailing list for families and support for TAG or GT children. To subscribe send a mail message with "subscribe TAGFAM your-first-name your-last-name" in the body (not the subject) of the message to

NNFGC : the National Network for Families of Gifted Children offers a separate announcements-only list. Right now, this list is concentrating on federal legislation concerning gifted children. To subscribe to the announcement list, send a message to Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message type in lower case: subscribe nnfgc

The TAGFAM group also includes lists for adults, children, and teens. More information about TAGFAM is available on the TAGFAM web page (see above #6).

u-achiev, the underachievement list which addresses issues (family, school, peer, self) facing underachieving students (particularly gifted students). To subscribe, send a mail message with "subscribe u-achiev your-email-address" in the body (not the subject) of the message to

OZGIFTED, a mailing list for teachers and parents of gifted children, and others interested in gifted education, in Australia. The list's primary focus is to facilitate practical, appropriate environments for gifted children's intellectual, social, and emotional growth, by supporting the teachers and parents involved. To subscribe, go to the listserv page at


GIFTED-CHI-L, a new mailing list dedicated to increasing communication and cooperation between parents and educators interested in realizing the full potential of gifted children - particularly children themselves and gifted individuals now in adulthood. If there is enough interest we will start a separate list for children themselves. Although based in the UK, all are welcome to join. To subscribe, go to or send a mail message with "subscribe gifted-chi-l" in the subject and with "subscribe gifted-chi-l YourFullName YourAge " in the body of the message to GIFTED-CHI-L mailing list for gifted children, parents and educators. The homepage for the list is at


WMCURRIC-L, limited to subscribers who have a specific interest in the William and Mary gifted curriculum units. If you would like to subscribe to WMCURRIC-L or if you'd like more information, please send an email message to: LNBOYC@FACSTAFF.WM.EDU


e-TAG-USA, a national list to discuss advocacy efforts for TAG students including, but not limited to, discussions about obtaining a national law, tips, suggestions, and ideas for advocacy at the district or state level, getting a bill passed, discussion about what state laws have helped or hurt TAG kids and why, and what laws *looked* good on paper but didn't help and more. For information on how to subscribe, please contact Monique Lloyd, at

GT World currently operates five mailing lists: GT-Families, GT-Special, GT-Spec-Home, GT-Adults and GT-Talk. These venues provide the opportunity to converse asynchronously about gifted issues. The ability to post a statement or a question at one's convenience and continue the conversation later, after others have responded, seems to be a popular option in our busy lives.


Homepage for the lists:


GT-Families - for families of gifted and talented children. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe GT-Families" in the body to


GT-Adults - for gifted adults. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe GT-Adults" in the body to 


GT-Special - for families of gifted and talented children with special characteristics, such as LD, ADD, etc. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe GT-Special" in the body to


GT-Spec-Home -for families that are homeschooling gifted and talented children with special characteristics. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe GT-Spec-Home" in the body to


GT-Talk - for the discussion and debate of issues which are off-topic on the support-oriented GT-Adults list, but which many gifted adults feel a need to discuss among similarly intellectually-oriented peers. To subscribe, send e-mail to with the command subscribe GT-Talk in the body




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