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(see "Media reports" and "state/federal for other Oregon districts)


2019 Portland TAG complaint

Summary of 2019 findings against Portland

2019 Complaint (redacted)

2019 complaint preliminary order (2022)

2019 complaint report (2022)

2029 conciliation agreement, 2022-7 (2022)


1997 Portland TAG appeal documents:

PPS TAG appeal Timeline

PPS 1997 appeal text

Oregon Department of Education letter finding Portland in compliance, July 1, 2011 (finds PPS in compliance)

Oregon Department of Education letter to Portland Public Schools, May 31, 2011

Department of Education findings, July 8, 2010  (find PPS still out of compliance in some areas)

Oregon Department of Education letter to Portland, November 11, 2009 

My letter to the Department of Education concerning TAG compliance, October 11, 2009

Oregon Department of Education cover letter to parents, June 11, 2009

Oregon Department of Education issues a letter finding Portland still out of compliance, May 11, 2009

Revised Portland (final) TAG Compliance Plan, June 30, 2008 (note: final page is illegible in original)

transcript of final page

Portland TAG Compliance Plan May 29, 2008

       Third Compliance order and letter from the Oregon Department of Education (February 28, 2008)

Second (amended) Compliance order from the Oregon Department of Education (March 2001)

Circuit Court Order

(for appeals from other Oregon school districts, see state/federal )



Portland TAG Advisory Council (TAGAC) papers

PPS TAG advisory council recommended framework for improved TAG services,  calls for more ability grouping, acceleration, increased TAG staff, growth in ACCESS, better reporting.

Research-Based Best Practices and Recommendations for Talented and Gifted Services in Portland Public Schools, Compiled by the Portland Public Schools Talented and Gifted Advisory Council, June 4, 2007
Cover letter accompanying the Best Practices report, submitted to the Student Achievement Committee, June 6, 2007
Office of Talented and Gifted - Draft Strategic Plan, June 2007
TAG Advisory Council Year-End Report for 2006-07
TAGAC feedback on TAG Strategic Plan draft, November, 2007
Reply to TAGAC by Judy Elliott, Chief, Office of Teaching and Learning, March 6, 2008.

TAG Advisory Council Year-End Report for 2007-8

TAG Advisory Council Year-End Report for 2017-18

Portland Public Schools, TAG Program Review 10/08/04   Conducted by Barbara Maurer


Portland Public Schools, Parent Comments on 2012 TAG  Survey, sorted by school (.pdf file)


ACCESS alternative program for very gifted students  

"Draft five" of the ACCESS proposal

Board Resolution approving the ACCESS program


ACCESS appeal to the Oregon Department of Education, 2006


Save Access Association: Complaint and petition for Declaratory Relief in Federal Court, 5/18/2018.  Pdf. file.  Includes an ACCESS timeline on pages 9-16. Save_Access_TRO_Complaint.pdf



Portland Public Schools information

Portland Public Schools' main home page: includes information about individual schools, the central administration, and the school board. 

The TAG department homepage:

 provides information about the TAG department, and school district policies.


The TAG department director:

Dana Nerenberg
Senior Director of Academic Programs


Portland Public Schools conciliation agreement, 2022-7

Portland Public Schools, 2018-19 TAG proposal (.pdf file)


Portland Public Schools Organization Chart:


PPS Framework for Meeting the Needs of TAG students (June 1996, revised June 1998)

PPS TAG parent page and school facilitator list:

TAG Advisory Council

Portland School District Board Instructional Policies relevant to TAG:

    go to and search under "Talented"

Portland Public School district conflict resolution:

For Oregon state standards appeals, see here

Portland Public School district Section 504 Manual (for students with disabilities)

PPS Board of Education:

(The board is comprised of volunteers elected by zone, but serve all of Portlandís residents)



PPS Administration:
The main phone number for PPS is 503-916-2000,
Guadalupe Guerrero, Superintendent:
Calendar of events:


Gifted children in Portland Public Schools: stories


Other local resources:

XL-PDX See below, to subscribe to the list for Portland area parents


GiftedinOregon a list with camps, classes, out-of-state events, and other opportunities, many are fee-based:

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    Mensa, the Oregon branch of this national and international social organization for individuals with aptitude test scores above the 98th percentile:


    OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry offers camps, classes and events in addition to their exhibits


    Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted,   In addition to a membership email list, OATAG also offers a free e-mail list for parents and TAG teachers, staff, administrators and coordinators, through Yahoo groups. You can subscribe just to this list through the OATAG website.  You can also subscribe directly

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  •         OATAG on Facebook

    Portland Schools Foundation offers grants to local schools and teachers

    Saturday Academy offers classes for students throughout the year

    XL-PDX a list for parents of Portland area TAG students